Cedar Mountain


New Frontier Tiny Homes builds high-end homes with high-grade materials. The Cedar Mountain is one their three models currently available.

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  1. Love the white walls with the brown trim and the office/bedroom. Also like the way the windows are trimmed. Very clever way to convert the bench to a bed. The kitchen is bright and looks functional but I find the main floor lounging space a bit lacking. I don’t know if that’s what the little room is supposed to be but I like having a more spacious couch type arrangement in the main room.

  2. Love the photos, but they don’t explain all. A few words and a little more detail under the photos is not too much to ask for surely. Thank you

  3. I agree with the above poster. The photos on this blog tend to be much too zoomed-in, so it’s hard to feel like you’re standing back admiring each space. Some description copy under each image would definitely help. Design*Sponge does a good job with these types of house tours, I would recommend taking a look!

  4. How can toilet paper last in such a bathroom? It isn’t totally bad a bathroom but the toilet paper storage is a concern. Another thing is the use of the corner in the kitchen. Is there a lazy susan cupboard there or is there access from the outside?

  5. I’ve never really liked the second bedroom on the first floor. I can understand it if you have a child but for a single or f it were mine, I’d either have a full bath with beautiful shower (clear plexiglass curved door) and a washer/dryer combo plus some shelving for towels and washcloths, OR I’d take that space and make a pantry out of it with eyebrow windows for light thus freeing up the wall space for shallow cabinets or shelving. I’d store all dishes, mixing bowls, small plug-in equipment (mixers, blenders, waffle iron, etc), plus storage for boxed and canned goods. This would keep the kitchen area clutter free but I’d have easy access to my kitchen “library”.

  6. The owner will have to be very slender to comfortably use the doors one will not buy appliances or furniture either.

  7. I love the design of the small office/second bedroom on the first floor. It could be a guest room, dedicated office, or the primary sleeping spot if you couldn’t make it up to a loft area. I think it is lovely and it addresses the need that many of us have to dedicate a bit of space “to get away” or concentrate. I’m seriously considering incorporating that design into my office/guest room build of my house. Was thinking of a twin bed but may just opt to do THAT so it folds out into a queen/king when couples visit.

    Side note: I’ve notice a great deal of negativity on some of the comments and while I understand folks’ desires to critique, I wonder if it is possible to focus on the great ideas in each design? I appreciate people’s willingness to share glimpses into their spaces.

    1. Lack of imagination and too much to kill,.. or hate on first thing you find… #somepipls
      Every tiny one has something to inspire with, only if you have a capacity to ‘see’ ūüôā

  8. Hello,
    we are interested in a mobile home of ca 40 m2 for 12 months use for 2 persons. Important is good isolation for german winters with expected -20 degrees C. What could you propose ?
    Kind Regards
    Petra & Dieter

  9. The toilet (Separett)is the same one I have and it plugs into a standard outlet to power the fan inside the toilet which aids in drying out the contents for composting. How exactly does that work in a wet bath? The toilet is also bolted to the floor so emptying the water from it would be impossible!

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