Tiny Worker Housing

A tiny housing solution for remote workers.

An off-grid tiny house on wheels built to house workers in remote locations. Designed and built by Maximum Extreme Living Solutions.


  • susan cross says:

    good overall shape. why arent the wires inside the walls? ive heard those heaters use lots of gas and electric is better. love the tin in the shower stall. what is the insulation?

    • We at Maximus Extreme Tiny Homes utilized in this featured model (“The Acadia”) RayCore Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs), which feature higher insulation values (higher R-Values) than traditional construction methods. Since SIPs are solid panels, we made the conscious choice (from both an industrial architecture design element/feature as well as from superior insulation and performance perspective) to route the electrical in conduit versus burying the electrical cables inside the walls. The propane-fired fireplace is actually rather efficient, especially considering the higher insulation properties provided by the incorporation of SIPs. And what’s better in our full-sized shower than instant hot water? See: http://youtu.be/GlNTIbVw9Wo/

    • Ghee Ghee says:

      What gets me, is that people who are all so “Pro Tiny House Living”
      always take pictures and stretch out the house to make it look and seem bigger then they are.
      Why do you do that?
      Don’t trick people, just keep the pictures looking authentic so that people can make an educated, conscience decision as to go the tiny house route.

  • We have an old Victorian Home but we are looking for something for an occasional weekender. Since we are both retiring shortly, I need to find a hobby for my husband. I like to sew and crochet but he wants to grow crops and fish. This may be the solution.

  • Overall, it’s quite nice. Though, I am a little stumped on a couple of topics. 1) It says it’s completely off grid. How’s that? I see solar and propane power but I don’t see where they’re getting water. 2) I see a “swamp cooler” style air conditioner. Is that run on solar power? If so, there MUST be more then just the six panels I see (two, three pane installations). Is there a portable solar unit? There’s no way it could power the a/c, the lights and office equipment simultaneously for any solid length of time.

    Inquiring minds wanna know. 🙂

    • Kristin,

      We at Maximus Extreme Tiny Homes appreciate your interest, insight(s), and question(s), too.

      The featured model (“The Acadia”) is capable of being custom-configured as either grid-tied, off-grid, or any point in-between? How’s that? By and through the design elements chosen by you as the customer, we can accomplish just about any configuration that meets your unique needs/your site or property conditions.

      Yes, you are correct that “The Acadia” incorporates a propane-fired fireplace, propane-fired on-demand hot water system, and a highly-efficient propane-powered Avanti® All-In-One Kitchen unit. We also have 2 on-board water tanks (105-gallons each): one for potable water storage, the other for grey water. While there are heavy-duty 12-volt DC units on board, the option for a solar package is also available. The A/C unit is operated via a portable generator.


      â—¾Propane-fired Dickinson Maritime Fireplace/Furnace for heating and a 110-volt Air Conditioning unit for cooling
      ◾Kitchen/Dining Room with Avanti® all-in-one kitchen, offering a refrigerator, 2-burner cooktop, sink, and storage
      â—¾Bathroom with full-sized shower, a propane-fired tankless on-demand hot water system, composting toilet, and custom cabinetry
      â—¾Two (2) 105-Gallon on-board water storage tanks (1 potable water storage tank, the other grey water holding tank)

      If you have any question, we are happy to answer them.

      Let’s Build Something Together!

      ~Angus Steward MacInnes, President & CEO
      Maximus Extreme Living Solutions, LLC

  • Crystal says:

    I think the exposed conduit is growing on me a little. Not bad!

  • sue says:

    Hi like the style and theoutside of the tiny house on wheels. However, dont liek teh conduit on the outside of walls. the living room area coudl be a bit smaller and enlarge thektichen a bit more. safety issue with cords next to burners? I think the inside coudl be done with a more cozy affect than this way.

  • Hello, I’ve been a fan of The Tiny House Movement for a year now.Makes complete sence to me.I welcome every attempt and design out there.Designing a home should be a personal choice kinda’ thing and hopefully will continue to be just that.It’s all about creating your space.Thumbs up!

  • Marianne says:

    En este artículo vimos como conseguir el NIN por si
    acaso en tu casoo no lo tienes y te toca pedirlo.

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