Tiny Turquoise House


A tiny house on wheels in Nashville. The color? Turquoise of course.









A 176 square feet tiny house on wheels in Nashville, Tennessee. More info. here.


  • We live in an RV and I have a question regarding tiny houses and holding tanks. Do they have holding tanks like an RV or do you need to be hooked to septic systems?
    Thank you..

    • sc says:

      Based on what i have seen and not personal experience. Tiny houses are custom houses. People put into them whatever their wants and needs are. many of them, maybe most, have compost toilets. but you can put any kind of toilet you want. Some folks put tanks in.

  • Dorothy says:

    The loft is too enclosed for me. I need windows! The bathroom sink is great. All in all a very cute home.

  • I love your tiny home. I am looking for someone to assist me in building one. If you know of anyone, I would love it if you can have them contact me. I am a recently divorced mid aged woman who just wants a small place that I can call my own that I can have built for a reasonable amount.

  • sc says:

    28k? For this house? That “sleeping” loft is a joke. You need to have a step ladder nearby? haha! I have literally never seen that in a tiny house. apparently, this was posted 2 years ago, but the tinyhouselisting is still up. Not surprising. the bathroom and kitchen look poorly made, there is no storage. this house doesnt look like full time living, but it has the huge fridge taking up space. The exterior color is very pretty with the red door and the inside floor looks nice. But you would have to be a fool to pay 28k for this. This house needs some updating, like putting dormers in the loft and building a proper ladder, and redoing the bathroom and kitchen. Or cut the price in half, or make it a short term rental, forget about calling that loft a sleeping loft and just use it for storage.

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