Tiny Duplex

Tiny duplex house with primitive porch in Tubac, Arizona. Photos by Brian McClure.


  • jean says:

    I love this please give us pics of inside!!!!!!

  • This is adorable…even if it did first remind me of a rest stop on the side of the road, with the “his” and “hers” washrooms side by side. 😉

    I agree with Jean, I would love to see inside pictures as well. I know these little tidbits are designed to make us swoon (and they do!), but is there anyway you could post a link to further information on the “owner”, if they are willing to share more?

    Thanks…and thanks for posting such delightful finds such as this!


  • Petey Boy says:

    I’m really Digging the branches as beams. I’d love to be able to do that on our Tiny House… but alas, it is mobile for the time being.

  • More information would have been nice , Like the square footage of each unit. how many rooms there sre. even some pictures or layout of the floor plan as well..

  • Susan Bensch says:

    I am interested in this property.

  • Peter says:

    the way this home is constructed is so common in Sonora Mexico (just 20 minutes south of Tubac). Lots of homes like this one in Alamos, Sonora, Mexico.

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