Tiny Caravan

Chloe and Brandon’s tiny house is most likely unlike anyone you’ve seen before. Old world styling and decor with appeal from days gone by.


  • starhawk says:

    Very pretty — /too/ pretty, really. The inside is busier than a beehive at rush hour, which is actually something of a minus. If it were less busy, that would be better — a super busy place like this will put you out of your head.

    Also, why is there not a footboard or some sort of fence/stop/rest to keep you from falling off the end of the bed?! No offense to them, but I sincerely hope this couple does not have children — kids would wreck the place (and themselves) in a hot minute!

    • “The inside is busier than a beehive at rush hour, which is actually something of a minus.” Some of us pine for simplicity but others of us have different needs. This boho splendor is luxurious and artful, all within a small number of feet. This is my favorite thow hands down.
      Strangers could do better things with their time than imagining dangers for unborn children. lol

  • Enrique & Janet Mancha says:

    this is the BEST tiny house I have ever seen…LOVE IT!!!

  • lhfinhorse says:

    Fantastic! Hope it weathers well and you love living in it for many happy years. Saw my first traveler’s van/hut many years ago and dreamed of my own.

  • Rebecca Isert says:

    Who is the musician? It is perfect for such a whimsical place.

  • Linda Rea says:

    I actually like the busyness of it. Never a dull moment. I find it comfy and restful. To each their own!

    • Alberta says:

      It is lovely! Yes, to each their own. You have an incredible artist’s eye and creativity. Who is the music accompaniment by? Love it too…

  • Zuzannah says:

    Absolutely Brilliant!

  • BB says:

    This is like a beautiful fairytale castle! Such artistry and imagination! It’s fantastic!

  • Cussot says:

    It would have been nice to see the moving parts in action in the video.

  • Hunter-Grace says:

    i really like this house…but for me too much clutter….makes my eyes and brain spin……………but love your inventiveness all the same.

  • Evening Iris says:

    Looks very Nouveau Gypsy and is fabulous for the anti-minimalists among us. The fact that they were able to create this masterpiece for 20K is astounding. Hats off to the owners’ creativity and industry. I wouldn’t want the housework, but this is definitely a great job!

  • Karen Long says:

    I absolutely love your home….it is the most warm home I’ve ever saw….love love love it…wish i could get it here to SC

  • Linn says:

    I am in awe! The creativity of some people just baffles my brain! They have created their own personal space, with all that they love surrounding them. I saw a guitar, and can I assume that the delightful little tune was sung and written Chloe? Thanks for the fairy tale tour!

  • kristina nadreau says:

    excellent… congratulations .. someone actually lives here……….. I do not like the placement of the toilet , and I am sure they have their reasons.

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