The Woodland


This tiny “shack” built by The Tiny House Building Company was built with the idea of using it as a mobile hunting cabin or for outdoor enthusiasts.









This 16 foot tiny house hunting shack is the perfect size for all of your outdoor adventures! From the large functional porch to the comfortable and relaxing living room, this well appointed hunting shack has beautiful yellow pine walls and ceilings, king sized loft bedroom and second twin sized loft for additional sleeping or storage space.

A 200 square feet (loft included) tiny house on wheels built by The Tiny House Building Company in Virginia. More info. here.


  • Janice says:

    Gorgeous. I also looked at the other tiny houses on this company’s website and they are all beautiful. The blonde wood makes all the difference as well as the sensible lighting. (Bad lighting can make a living environment depressing.) I don’t know why the tv’s are so high up the wall; I would lower them considerably.

  • SBC says:

    I don’t know what I was expecting, but I am really pleasantly surprised – it is nice and bright inside. I think it is the plain siding on the outside – not my look or color (dull, but then again, why do designer exterior for a hunting cabin). But the interior is just honest and straightforward. I really like wood, so the warm all-pine look, left natural, speaks to me. The porch is really cute. Camo textiles are a neat touch, and not overdone. I hope you enjoy this tiny!

  • Lisa E. says:

    This build has too much raw wood for me. But it is very nice and for those who love all that raw wood, this is a perfect choice.

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