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84 Lumber has decided to begin building tiny houses with their business called “Tiny Living” in Pennsylvania. Here’s their first tiny house build.












A 154 tiny house built in Eighty Four, Pensylvania by Tiny Living, 84 Lumber.


  • Mike says:

    Seems a little spartan, but that’s probably the color scheme. There are colors other than refrigerator white that look really good with dark wood and probably make this more liveable. The build quality and the fixturing and finishes look very good. Using a sliding barn door as a privacy partition for the head makes good sense in this footprint. Some days I’m astonished at the solutions tiny-housers come up with.

  • gunguru01 says:

    I guess it was only a matter of time before a big box store decided to start collecting on the tinyhouse idea! Although, the price isn’t too awful bad for the size and the quality from what I can see!

  • connie says:

    Absolutely beautiful tiny house!!!!!

  • Molly says:

    I hate ceiling fans, but this one is kind of beautiful.

  • M. Plisco says:

    I love the fan/overhead lighting in the mid section of this little house. The rolling barn door is unique and the kitchen is nice, but I still have a problem about the placement of the bathroom right next to the kitchen. What bothers me is why almost all of the tiny house plans are built like that?

    • Dorothy says:

      I suspect it keeps all the plumbing all in one area so it is easier and cheaper. If the kitchen and bath are at opposite ends then it takes a lot more running of pipes.

    • Kristina H Nadreau says:

      good question. my guess is that most tiny houses are not built by people who cook or have any knowledge about bathrooms spreading bacteria into food prep areas. The codes for building stationary houses prohibit bathrooms opening directly off kitchens.

  • Mary Knoblauch says:

    I don’t have a problem with lumber companies getting into the Tiny House build, maybe the cost will come down on them. If they’d build one to my spec’s then that would be great and I like the fan/light tiny compact and probably just right for keeping the air circulated. I’m 5’3″ and I’d have the lofts lowered to give me more head room in bed, people don’t count the depth of the mattresses after they get them in the loft then it’s a pretty tight squeeze.

  • Kristina H Nadreau says:

    the fan/light is excellent choice. The remainder is not impressive.

    I wonder how many of the tiny house builders that build spec houses really have any idea what the unique needs are for tiny houses. It looks to me that many builders think that if they can saw a board they can profitably slap together a tiny house with a composting toilet. most do not appear to have considered basic needs such as air handling, heating and cooling, venting moisture and grease from kitchens and baths, etc. What is the problem with using black water tanks like rvs and using flush toilets for the tiny houses that are being moved???

  • Lenora wilder says:

    I have a lot of questions. I noticed the stove was against the outside wall.Is that safe? I am interested in a tiny house but have many safety concerns. Are they stable if there was a big storm? Small spaces need plenty of ventilation.

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