The Fortune Cookie

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Photo by Scott Haydon.

The “Fortune Cookie”, a vardo-style tiny house built by Abel from Zyl Vardos and owned by Kera of Dreadnaught Darling. Photos by Scott Haydon.

From Kera…

When it comes to my little house, the questions I am asked most frequently are, “How do you like it?” Truth is, I love it. ”Is it everything I thought it would be?” Yes, and then some. I can say with complete honesty that I love this space more than any space I have ever lived in.


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  1. i just love your perfect little casa. if it was just me or my darling husband thatis just what we would be living in. he would have a workshop of course but i would be a happy camper in that casa. i love feeling cozy and safe.

  2. I just paid $2.99 for 30 days access to all pictures, but I can’t access the pictures of the fortune cookie post. Just the “Part 2” post.

    Can you help me?


  3. I love these tiny houses but they always have the sleeping space lofted. I am handicapped and can’t do a ladder. Are there any designs that would accommodate?

    1. Yes!

      I have a design (not on my website) for one with a downstairs bedroom. Additionally, I just decided that I would offer any of my designs to be adapted for wheelchair, elderly, or alter-abled access — upon request (without charging more.)


      1. I am disabled and could not do ladder either but have kids that could so need downstairs bedroom and need something for two school age kids could sleep in as well we are living in WA state currently now if I could find a place to park the tiny home I will have build do not want to buy land looking to rent for now

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