The Bahamas

A very small cabin built in 21 days by Emmet and his wife.

This is a cabin that my wife and I built in 21 days (we were in a rush as our housesitting gig was ending) in the middle of February 2008, and then lived in for eight months.  It’s called the Bahamas because we had just gotten married and someone asked where we were going for a honeymoon, and we said, “you know, the Bahamas” but really we were going to be living in the cabin and working on a farm.

Since then, it has been a guest house, and office.  Some photos are of it being lived in, and others are after a more recent renovation. I’m still improving it, as this fall I put on a galvanized metal roof, and rebuild the outside stairs with black locust footings.

A tiny, self-built cabin in Ashfield, Massachusetts. Shared by Emmet Van Driesche.

Originally shared at Tiny House Swoon.


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