Teeny Tiny

This 160 square feet cabin was built and designed to be an Airbnb rental but of course it can be used for full-time living as well.


  • Veronica Zerman says:

    Do you have a floorplan or a wide shot photo to help understand the configuration? Also, what is the price?

  • marilyn says:

    This is exquisite and perfect. I covet this little beauty. Bravo.

  • Robyn J says:

    This is so beautifully decorated; I especially love the little kitchenette area with it’s tiny retro style fridge and the little gold arrow pulls on the drawers. If I were to be spending more time in it than just overnight, I would replace the queen bed with a double and use a regular headboard instead of the canopy, to maximize space and make it feel larger. The bathroom is surprisingly large. Everything in it is just so tasteful and perfect.

  • Linda Rea says:

    Now that’s cool!

  • Erin B says:

    I love that oversized chair! Where is it from? Please?

  • Cinthia says:

    I would love more details about the kitchen ! Where did you get the hardware and how did you build it? We are making a small kitchen in my basement and I love this concept ❤️

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