Teenie Tiny House

A tiny house build by a grandmother of 8.

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I am still working on many areas of the Teenie Tiny House #2 but here are a few pics. These pics are of work in progress…I am adding a couple pics of Teenie Tiny House #1 inside also. These two TT’s are built for “OFF GRID” use…I feel this will be the reality and not the abnormal. I am a 53 yr old Grannie of 8 and my 13 yr old Granddaughter has already put in her house order.LOL

Photos and build by Mary Guthery.


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  1. Where did you get the bathtub..We have a tiny house that has the roof on and siding on, still needs a front door, but looking forward to finishing the inside as soon as the weather gets warmer. Right now it is -5 degrees and we have at least three more months of winter here in Utah. Hope you can tell me where you found that little tub that has a built in seating area. Love your tiny house!

  2. My hero!! Thanks for sharing these pics. I’m a 61 yr old almost grandmother who’s planning for a tiny house. I’ve already got my house plans – complete with a sleeping area on the first level. I’m downsizing now and hope to build in the next year or so. I can’t wait to have a house that takes only 5 minutes to clean.

    1. AMEN to that. I like the tiny house but would build me a tiny round house probably a yurt made out of wood. So exciting that women, of any age, are building their own homes. WE rock!!!!! and sometimes roll.

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