This tiny house has some unique styling situations going on that I haven’t seen before. I would explain, but just take a look at the photos to see what I mean.

  • Mike

    Great vibe Alexis. Feels like somewhere else everywhere you look. Me likey....

  • Robin

    Great home! Looks like your kitty agrees too!...

Handcrafted Modern


This tiny house in Greenwood, California has all the bases covered in terms of living comfy, all in a tiny house modern setting.

  • Margret

    It's very nice, but still always am puzzled why there is no stair railing on the outside......s...

  • Dorothy

    I really, really dislike "climb in and crawl" lofts. I'm short and don't mind bending over a ...

Eddie built his tiny house with very high-end, natural materials in California.

Eddie’s Custom Built Tiny House


Eddie built his tiny house with very high-end, natural materials in California.

  • Jane Moimoi

    I love the unique feature over the oven top....

  • Linda Rea

    I'm sorry but I don't understand why people get on here and nit pick somebody about the house t...

Hideaway Ramona


This Tiny House is located at The Hideaway Ramona, a tiny house hotel located on a small farm in San Diego county.

  • Dave &Barb Henry

    We are interested in a tiny home to stay in near our daughter in Poway for the month of January...

  • Pat

    How much are you selling the Ramona for?...

Designer Tiny House


Robert bought and unfinished tiny house and completed finished it with the interior of it being a guest home in Oakland, California.

  • Anouk

    Hallo, there just wanted to send you a small email just to let you know, I really really love t...

  • Robert

    Thank you Lisa!...