Swedish Micro House

Micro house in Sweden. Design and build by Robin Falck. More here.


  • This is one of the prettiest houses I’ve ever seen. Maybe pretty’s not the right word, perhaps nice, upscale, well-done or classy would suit better.

  • Martha says:

    I love this very roomy tiny house. But where is the bathroom? Is there one? And is the insulation sufficient to allow you to live there all year around?

  • Ada says:

    This is a Finnish (as in Finland) micro cottage. Get your facts straight, please.

  • Currently, I’m building a cottage in northern Wisconsin about 400 to 500 square feet.
    This is my retirement plan to live in a sustainable way both economically and fulfilling to my simple needs.
    I’ve found this is the most difficult endeavor I’ve ever undertaken. If anyone thinks an exodus from urbanity is easy, think again. It seems everyone I come across has a definite opinion, usually “that’s crazy or you are unrealistic” or some such rubbish. “What about services as you age”? As it is, in the city of Milwaukee I just get along. My shop rent is free in exchange for my weekly janitorial services (which certainly is generous of my landlord, to be sure).
    I’ve taken my Social Security early like a good Baby Boomer and I get along fine; but I could be living a much more fulfilling life on my beautiful homestead.
    Am I rambling on? Sorry.
    What makes it bearable is I have a terrific woodworking business and a fully outfitted shop, good friends and a measure of moxie, another word for stubbornness, I guess.
    I bought this land in 1999 and here it is 2014, I turn 64 in May, still have very good health and a measure of vigor.
    Lately, I have been making progress with finishing my cottage entry door, jamb and sill assembly to be hopefully installed this year.
    My longer term plans are a small shop and storage barn, (small). Still need to have the well drilled, a nice chunk of change!!
    I will not overstay my welcome, I have a fine dinner awaiting me so for now I’ll sign off for now….

    Sincerely, and Cheers ,

    Christopher J. Thomas
    C. Thomas Woodworks
    Milwaukee, Wisconsin

  • jep says:

    Finland, not sweden

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