South Texas Tiny Home


South Texas Tiny Homes recently completed their first tiny house build and it’s a great build to start things off for them.








  • Drolma says:

    I still do not get very dark colors in such small rooms. It makes the room look much smaller than it is – contradicting to all interior decoration advices.

  • WendyHT says:

    I concur with Drolma. Perhaps it was the fact that there was no sunlight coming in through the windows – but my first response was that I would never want to live in a tiny house, whereas I have found other tiny houses to be inspirational. Still, I wish you years of joy in your new home 🙂

  • Sue Kozin says:

    Do the bed loft windows open? Why not a pocket door for the bathroom. I like the storage in the stairs going to the loft though. Nice layout.

    • Ryan Villalon says:

      The bed loft windows do not open, that is something I will change in my next build. I chose to go with a barn door instead, because I personally prefer the look of a barn door. In my next build I will use the wall behind the barn door as a small storage space for hanging coats, umbrellas, brooms, etc. Thank you.

  • Amber C Johnson says:

    Nicely done. I especially like the bathroom not being right beside the kitchen.

  • tthom2 says:

    I have to agree with some of the comments b4 me. I do like the layout. Agree with the bathroom location. I also would prefer a lighter-colored decor for the same reason.
    . For more mature inhabitants like me – I think a sleeping loft should be just big enuf for a bed. Who wants to crawl around on their hands & knees??? Plus – the smaller the loft – the larger the tiny house will appear. I’m not sure about that monstrous refrigerator configuration. Is all that necessary?? I think something a little more compact would be better. But – if this is your 1st completed home – – Kudos to you. Gr8 job!! I’m anxious to see how your designs evolve. Hope you continue to post here.

    • Ryan Villalon says:

      I agree but because this home was not built towards any customer in particular, I wanted be make sure that their was enough loft space to allow for a king size bed (incase that was of importance to the customer). The size of the fridge/freezer would be of importance to me in a tiny home. I often premake my meals/freeze meat and would not be willing to live in a space that does not offer the amenity of a decent sized fridge. Ideally, in the future I will be able to structure my builds more towards a customers individual needs.

  • laceystew says:

    I also agree that I think lighter colors would open the place up. However, for a tiny home, I do like the layout. Good Job!

  • Jean says:

    I have a question about kitchen storage. Are the two corners beneath the counter in the kitchen on either side of the sink accessible? If they are accessible, are they easy to reach? If they are not accessible, I’m concerned about the unusable space.

    –Thank you.

    • Ryan Villalon says:

      Great question. Both corners are accessible. The corner on the left offers easy accessibility with easy reach while the corner on the right is accessible, it is difficult to reach. Although it is a small space, every little bit matters in a tiny home and I will correct this issue in future builds.

  • Lana says:

    So, there is no shower or tub? That is the biggest drawback to me.

    I think part of what people are complaining about with regard to the “dark colors” is actually the harsh ambient lighting. This could be helped by the judicious placement of accent lighting or task lighting with dimmers and warmer bulbs. Maybe adding dimmers for the overheads.

    • Ryan Villalom says:

      There is a 32in shower directly in front of the toilet. I apologize, I must not have submitted a photo of it

  • Deborah Rank says:

    This has more counter space than the apt that I am living in.
    Colors are easily changed, but the setup looks great.

  • Pepe Rencurrell says:

    The layout is great! Personally what I would love to see more of are:
    1. Bigger windows.
    2. Windows that open.
    3. Natural cedar walls, not painted!
    4. Butcherblock counters.

    Everything else is good.
    Thank you for posting!

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