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This home is titled the Ski-house, it was built for a great couple who permanently reside in the “ski-town” of Park City, Utah. They wanted a home that would compliment their active lifestyle, she is an E.R. Dr. and former collegiate track athlete and he is a former professional Kayak racer and teaches Latin at a private charter school. They wanted something more contemporary, something that was definitely unique and they needed some extra size in order to accomplish their goals. So we built this custom, 30′ tiny home for them, complete with a roof-top deck, an inverted loft, a partial floating tread staircase and a deck that protrudes over the tongue of the trailer. Last but not least, they tasked us with finding them a hot-tub that would work with their set-up and we (along with the good folks at Tiny House Nation) came up with a wood-burning hot-tub from Alfi. Enjoy the photos!‚Äč

A tiny house with rooftop deck built by Maximus Extreme Living Solutions in Ogden, Utah.

Originally shared at Tiny House Swoon.


  • garrett says:

    Sweet!! Finally a tiny house with a ideal tiny house would be two stories..sleeping room on top with similar deck to this..then another deck on top of the sleeping loft

  • Emma says:

    I would love to see a video of this home. It looks awesome, but would love to get a better feel for the full layout and see that bathroom!

  • texasdoxiemama says:

    Love the deck and balcony. Love that upper room with wood seating and drawers underneath. Very unique.

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