SimBLISSity Aspen


A tiny house on wheels recently completed in Boulder, Colorado.








A 260 square feet tiny house on wheels in Boulder, Colorado. Built by SimBLISSity Tiny Homes.


  • Carol says:

    Wow! Love this one. I don’t like lofts, but this one looks nice and tall. The layout on this one looks good too, love the L-shaped couch and there is still space to spare so it doesn’t look cramped. Enough space to stick the dog pillows somewhere so they aren’t underfoot! Good job!

    • Negin says:

      Actually, a lot of people build tiny houses trying to max out the head space in the area under the loft, but once you go in there, you find that it’s way more than enough; even for really tall people, so the lofts end up being a little cramped and the area underneath too big. But that’s just my opinion!

  • Lisa E. says:

    The bottom three steps need to house pull-out boxes for storage.

  • Sara says:

    That gorgeous wood on the walls and ceilings! Makes this tiny home very special.

    • Mary says:

      Perfect design. Wonderful! Does the bathroom, by any chance, have a small bathtub? How much is the Aspen? What are the dimensions? What horsepower is necessary to tow this model? Can one be ordered with minor design changes? I’d love to see a floor plan with dimensions. Are the specs available?
      Truly a great design! Bravo!

  • Eric E. says:

    Love this one. I’ve binged on the tinyhouseswoon site and this is a favorite. Nice work.

  • Allin says:

    This is the best I’ve seen!

  • amy says:

    Where can I find this for sale? I love this layout and would like to find out more details on it such as weight and if there is someone actually building and selling this model or if there are plans I can purchase.



  • Willian says:

    What is the price of this tiny home?

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