Scavenger Hut

Small studio hut made almost exclusively from found materials.

1902 points

693 square feet studio partially made from scavenged materials and T1-11 plywood siding. Designed by Olson Kundig Architects. More info. here.


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  1. Can you say cantilever! Love the modern look, must have some serious steel in there to cantilever out so far with no support. Love the counter weights on that door or window. Would be cool to see a video on how it works.

  2. What’s the mechanism in the window frame by the bed do? Looks like a way of lifting a big panel. I’m guessing that panel can be raised or lowered to either have an entirely clear opening–no window at all–OR to pull the panel up to secure vs. storms or against break-ins or something (that doesn’t seem to make sense, but best I could come up with).

  3. Canadians seeking waterproofing mildew proofing rot proofing for well established Straw Bale ‘R” 60+ homes built here for the price of baled straw, and low skilled mostly volunteer labor! We have a climate that ranges from 100 F in summertime to – 40 F in the wintertime so “super insulation” like Straw of hemp bales counts big in our energy equation. Germany has such a product, a hydrophobic?
    These home designs speak to a much more moderate climate than ours. Also, they are very wood intensive, and although wood is a natural product, Hemp and Strew Bale is annually renewable = perpetual = eternal housing material? With the apparent collapsing of the u.S. and consequently the Canadian dollar, wee seek sustainable, low or no mortgage housing with passive Solar heating, local well water, small garden spaces, in essence, survival shelters as even our seasonal employment situation is exacerbated by our Republican government under Governor Harper.
    Trent University, Fleming College, in Peterborough Ontario, Ca. have programs for this very concern. Please publicize them to the world, and realize that through these and our socialist medicine we will survive the coming storm over Canada.

  4. wow…….the feeling that this house gives me is what I want in my tiny houses once i find them. absolutely fabulous.

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