Views of the outiside, from the inside are abundant in the new Roadhaus tiny house.


  • Jana says:

    This tiny house is absolutely gorgeous and has everything it needs to have. Strictly speaking, the extra height would not be necessary, but my-oh-my the view and the light is stunning, so yeah. Perfection. (I assume there is a toilet in there somewhere.)

  • Jana Braden says:

    Where do I get prices

  • Pascale Laura says:

    seriously, this one is perfection. in design and in comfort. its clean and chic but also cosy! good job!

  • Jonathan Stone says:

    What is the time frame and cost for this??!
    Beyond Cool.

  • Mary Chaffee says:

    Love the wrap around windows above to let in the light while giving privacy! Kitchen is only disappointment…no cooking? One tiny burner and no oven? If it’s a ‘guest house’ out back that would be ok. Otherwise, beautiful.

    • Lauren says:

      I see a toaster oven in some of the shots, but I tend to agree that this would be an ideal guest house/retreat space, but you’d have to have a particular eating style that wouldn’t require intense cooking to live here year-round. Also missing a toilet picture, which I always want to see in these setups because that’s usually another compromise point in smaller dwellings. I like that it doesn’t have a loft bed and has lots of natural light, and overall one of my favorite tiny designs I’ve ever seen.

  • Sandy says:

    Beautiful! How ARE those wrap around windows done??

  • Evening Iris says:

    Love the whole thing, except for the pull-straps on the kitchen cabinets. Not everyone needs or wants a full kitchen, so the single burner doesn’t bother me.

  • kristina nadreau says:

    the tv is mounted too high to be viewed comfortably. this is common in tiny houses. a signific cant design flaw.

  • Beautiful home! Tre chic! I love it!❤️

  • Mary says:

    The sofa is all wrong. If the seating was built on a platform with seats that lift up to give more storage might be okay. I wouldn’t have so much glass for the walls where shelves could be. I wonder about obvious ways to store things under the bed and how about a place for a combo washer/dryer? So little storage…nope…pretty but not nearly as practical if two people have hobbies or even want a few changes of clothes.

  • Carrie says:

    Brilliant! Love the silver tiles!

  • Peter says:

    Bringing the out doors in ! It feels so much bigger than 240 sqft. Great job !

  • Steve Stryker says:

    Love the open concept design and all the windows. I have to agree though about the kitchen though, with only 1 burner and no oven …that just won’t work, we all need a little more than that! I love everything else about the house though. The bathroom tiles are awesome! and love the bed also. I would buy one however with a more useable kitchen. One can get smaller ovens designed for yachts that could be used,

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