Our Cabin In The Woods

Our deck we use this a lot as we have 3 kids and grandkids that visit often! It is screened so when it’s nice we can leave the door open!

3/4 bath we made this room 5×8 it also houses a 40gal hot water heater that is next to the shower. The bath room divides the space between sleeping and living.

My husband and I live in Central Arkansas an like alot of people wanted to have our own place with NO MORTGAGE!!
We live on a very nice size parcel of land in a tiny house!

We live in what most people call a shed! we purchased a 14×32 “storage building” finished it out and call it home!
We have a bedroom that fits our KING size bed LOL!!!, bathrm and living/kitchen space combo…we plan to make a few improvements in the future but for now
to save money we finished did all of the work ourselves except for plumbing and electric.

This last pic is of our kitchen as you can see we just used 12″ wide boards for our upper cabinets, and this shows the base cabinets we built from plywood, this was as cheap as we could get @the time oh and the countertop is a box of solid hardwood flooring a friend gave us, also our frig was a donation!

Photos and owned by Crystal Downes.


  • Gail says:

    This is lovely and I applaud you and your husband for doing this. I would love to have one of these to be mortgage free but do not have the skills to build.
    I also live in Canada and think one would really need to insulate it well.
    Love the porch and the dogs too.
    Good work.

  • Patty says:

    Me & my husband are dreaming of doing the same thing. We live in Florida and land is so expensive, so this is the only way we can own a home and be mortgage free in less than 10 years. We are working on buying the property first this year. Then after we get the well and septic down, we will purchase the shed cabin & start the real work. You guys did a great job on the inside & keeping cost down. I’m going to keep your place in mind as I get to work on our place. I absolutely love the porch too. Please post more pics. as you work on the finishes. I look forward to seeing the end result.

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