Off Grid Portable Wagon

A tiny wagon with an interior made by hand.

Here is a cabin which I have built on a flat bed, twin axle trailer. It serves as both a transport method and as facilites for a yurt. It has a fully equipped kitchen with oven, hob grill, fridge, sink, as well as a bathroom and a compost toilet, all with hot and cold running water. It is completely Off Grid with a solar array and bottled propane for water heating and cooking along with a wood burning stove for heat.

An 84 square feet addition to a yurt in The UK. Built by Handmade Matt.


  • tinycamper says:

    Beautiful! Warm, inviting and functional! Love the kitchen especially.

    It does look odd to see a composting toilet and a plumbed shower side by side… but I like it!

  • this is excellent can You give a ball park on how much it cost ? thanks for sharing, we have been homeless for a year now due to shifting and toxic fumes coming up from the ground in our home we had to leave and can never return. So I decided we would recycle item and build an echo green mobile something like this would be perfect.

  • Tammy says:

    I could and would totally be able to live in a house like this.

  • Michelle F. says:

    That is really pretty! I love the look of the wood all over.

  • Calypso says:

    A stroke of genius here combining the tiny home on wheels with yurt living. I think it’s safe to speak for others like myself who are interested in both. Wonderful to see the two combined usefully and with portability. And of course, the wood is beautiful, along with touches from the garden, drying herbs, and growing succulents. It must smell wonderful in your kitchen! I noticed the shower stall was an excellent choice — must feel less claustrophobic. Wonderful work and gives me whole new ideas for how to finally go off-grid without sacrificing comfort. Thank you!

  • Lisa E. says:

    This cabin has a lot of nice features. I have always liked the half-barrel roof. It adds more head room to the interior and has very gracious lines. The shower is particularly nice since it, too, is half-barrel and gives more space while showering and you don’t have to fight a clinging shower curtain. The large country sink is not only functional but adds a touch of old world warmth and charm. And the tile flooring pulls it all together with a really nice cozy look. Very nice.

  • Cee Jay says:

    I hope there are blinds or curtains for the toilet area at least. I wouldn’t like someone to see me …..

    Cee Jay/Leigh on Sea, Essex, England, Britian.

  • Mark Hendrix says:

    Love it. Would love to make one.

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