Mojave Vintage Trailer


A vintage travel trailer renovated to become the home of these two desert-dwellers.








My husband and I live in a renovated 1962 travel trailer in the Mojave desert, with an outdoor pantry, a garden and bathhouse nearby. The trailer is 192 sq feet.

A 50+ year old restored travel trailer parked in the Mojave desert and lived in full-time. Owned and shared by Reanna Alder.

Originally shared at Tiny House Swoon.


  • Michelle says:

    I have so many questions as my husband and I looked into it and were told NO. So is it your land? Do you have septic? Well? Solar or power? If not, how are you doing this without zoning approval? This is exactly where we want to be living the same lifestyle. I’d love more info. PLEASE!!!

  • Debbi says:

    Who could need anything more?

  • Carla says:

    How do y’all stay cool??? I live in South Carolina and the heat with the humidity would be unbearable…I realize your humidity is different but, how can you two stand the day time temps??

  • Juli says:

    And oh my goodness, that beautiful pink kitchen 🙂

  • Robin says:

    To paraphrase that infamous quote: “You had me at that pink stove!”

    Heart be still, I could put up with almost anything for the love of a pink stove and sink!

    Bless you both. 😀

  • This is EXACTLY what I am seeking to do, find a vintage trailer such as yours, to live in full time to get out of my current state of homelessness. I LOVE what you have done with yours, and it is so inspirational! I am very happy to see this online. The very same thing can be done with vintage mobile homes if one needed/desired more room to move around in. Kudos!

  • I meant to ask you, what do you do for power, water, etc.,etc. since you’re living out in the desert? Are you using solar power for your appliances and lighting? Where are you getting your water? I love it when folks are able to live off the grid and not be beholden to the big money-hungry utility companies. More power to those that do!

  • Nancy says:

    I was also wondering about power, water (since you live in the desert)? Do you own your lot, is zoning an issue? Do you have a garden, what was your total cost for purchase and re-hab? etc? Really cute!!!

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