Miss Hibiscus

A vintage camper brought back to life for tiny living and big exploring.

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I had wanted a little vintage trailer for years. Found this little beauty on Ebay (my first Ebay purchase!) about 5 years ago. Spent a summer refurbishing her in the driveway. The 1957 15′ Aloha, Miss Hibiscus, is our little gem, vacation cabin, home away from home, card game playin’, clubhouse on wheels! I have loved every minute of it!

A restored 1957 15′ Aloha travel trailer. Photos and owned by Mimi Osterdah.


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  1. Was looking through Pinterest pins and saw your photo of my camper. Curious, I clicked through. Thanks for posting some photos of Miss Hibiscus. Have had the old girl for 11 memory filled years since refurbishing her and she keeps on going strong. Memories of trips from as far away as the tip of Vancouver Island in Canada to Northern California. Fun to see someone else enjoying the coolness of her.
    The two campsites are: Salt Creek on the Olympic Penninsula in Washington State (The sunset photo), and the little trailer in the big woods and kayak photos are from Muscle Beach in Uculet, B.C. Canada.

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