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Jurgen wanted a small camper that can be towed by a small car, so he built one.









Here are some photos of my Micro Caravan. It’s made by hand with not very much machines (handsaw mostly to get real straight lines) and is made in Holland bij me (Jurgen Jas). Fed up with campin in a tent and not being able to find a real nice micro caravan I designed one myself, using bits and pieces of earlier designs from others. This micro caravan is towed by a Suzuki Alto wich runs while towing 15,8 km per liter (have fun calculating this in gallons per mile).

A small, hand-built, DYI camper built in Holland by Jurgen Jas. Photos, owned and shared by Jurgen Jas.

Originally shared at Tiny House Swoon.


  • Dean says:

    Nice job, scarey what you could do with power tools !

  • Ardith says:

    Very cool, Jurgen. Your design and skill to build the micro caravan are impressive.

  • Linda says:

    I want one

  • Tim says:

    15,8 km/liter => 37.16 miles/gallon. 🙂

    Jurgen gets better mileage pulling his micro caravan than I get driving my car empty.

  • Nancy says:

    Love it!!!

  • Neva says:

    Oh I want one that can be pulled by a car. Yes. And yours is so neat Jurgen. I could totally see myself traveling in a camper like this.

  • Diana says:

    This is just about perfect. You’ve done a great job. Please come to U.S. and sell them. I would happily purchase!

  • Stefanie says:

    Can anyone buy one? How much is this caravan?

  • Jean says:

    Mr. Jas,
    Is the expansion for the purpose of being able to lie down flat to sleep, or is it to increase the feeling of expansiveness inside your inventive, creative caravan? Either way, you have a great talent.

  • Missie says:

    That car you’re pulling with gets about 38 mpg (miles per gallon). Impressive workmanship and design. You must get many people stopping you to see inside.

  • Morning Star says:

    You have made an excellent camper. Could you add solar or does it already have this feature? Will you make this camper to sell to the public? How many pounds is it weighing un packed? Thanks for sharing with the world! /*

    • Jurgen Jas says:

      Sorry Mike should be Jean. Anyway empty it already weighs 490 kg so solarpanels and batteries is not an option. Most campstes have hook up to electricity. There are no drawings of my caravan and no book. Making one your own might have to wait until I finish making one. Perhaps I might research wether a company might be interested but I think it is a difficult shape to manufacture. Making a profit will be a great challenge, but who knows. Thank you all for alk the nice reactions. Enjoy my pictures and camping. Grwwtings from me.

  • gunguru01 says:

    Best pop up (and out) camper I’ve ever seen! I would love to see the build process.

  • Susan says:

    Seriously? You built this yourself?! It’s amazing! (Move over, [email protected], you’ve got competition.) You need to find a way to get this to market!

    • Curtis Beardsley says:

      Amen!! I would love to have something like this beautiful and well designed camper. I don’t want to buy a gas guzzler to go camping. [email protected], move over, indeed!

    • Janina says:

      I have to agree with Susan. You have a new business in the making! And I love how the yellow of the pop up turns the whole interior sunshiney. Absolutely charming.

  • Bob says:

    Google says :

    15,8 (kilometers per liter) = 37,1639042 Miles per gallon. That’s impressive, even when you replace the comma with a period.

  • BigPaul367 says:

    Jurgen, damned fine job, you are my Creative Brother. (‘If not doesn’t exist, create it!’) Sounds like the Suzuki is working awfully hard to tow this little trailer. I suggest something Turbocharged to replace it when the time comes, 9.81 MPG is not terribly good. My Vintage Slant Six (1964 Plymouth Valiant) gets 12.9 when towing a 1780 pound (807.39 Kilos!) Teardrop Trailer, also homebuilt, WITHOUT a turbocharger and I am building a Turbo Motor to replace the tired (213,800 miles) engine. I want to get as close to 20 MPG (32.19 Kilometers) when it is complete. The original transmission (3 Speed Auto) will be replaced with an Overdrive Automatic. I love your design, the finished trailer is a real Beauty! Be proud, my Friend, be PROUD!

  • Sarah says:

    Could you share a book on instructions to make one ?

  • Amanda Burton says:

    37.2 mpg. Impressive.

  • Megan says:

    I love it! I think it is very beautiful and practical.

  • Sophia says:

    Love the layout. It seems so small on the outside but surprisingly very functional and comfy looking inside.

  • Truman Green says:

    This is so fantastic. It would usually take a team of designers, mechanics, carpenters and
    engineers, plus a corporate structure, to built something this special. But Jurgen has the ability to do the work of all.


  • Mike Wofsey says:

    Just beautiful. Leaves [email protected] in the dust. If you can find a way to make these affordably, streamlining your production as much as possible, while maintaining your design aesthetic, you could sell these everywhere.

  • Dawn says:

    Wow Jurgen! Beautiful, well done! You are truly an architect! I hope you enjoy camping in your creation for many years to come. 🙂

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