Linnéa’s Tiny House

I decided to go tiny while pursuing my degree in oriental medicine because I value simple living, love cozy spaces, the outdoors, and wanted to minimize my student loans. My cousin built her own tiny house and I was very inspired by her! I thought about building my own but after a year of emails from Tiny House Listings I discovered a tiny house with my name on it (built by someone else).

I feel grateful for living tiny. I’ve been living with my boyfriend in the house for almost a year (minus weekends) and it has been great. I’ve learned that I can “have my own space” without being in my own space, that clutter really does take up room quickly, and that in a sense all you own really does own you too!

Photo, owned and shared by Linnéa Snyder.


  • Dianne says:

    Tiny houses are cute. But we home can, raise our own meat and summer vegetables, maintain our home (1500 sq foot log home) ourselves, and have grandchildren here a lot. Where do you put the sewing machine? The canning jars? The tools? The winter comforters in summer? The potty chair for visiting grandchildren? The grandchildren? Lovely romantic ideal, but I can’t afford to hire someone to do everything for me because I have no tools of my own and no place to keep them.

    • Nerida says:

      When i build mine I’ll let you know :). We dont use a potty chair we use a separate toilet seat the fits inside the regular toilet seat. The one I have has handles which gives the kid(s) a better sense of safety but the handles can also be used to hang it up on a hook on the wall. I have a couple of ideas for a trundle bed and a murphy bed for grandkid(s).If I put in a loft there will be room for adults up there. I hope to be sleeping downstairs. I have a couple of ideas for putting in a built in tool shed a few tools as well. Dont hold your breath though, i’m good on ideas but tend to fall down with the follow through 🙂

  • Amanda R. says:

    I love your tiny house! It is so cozy! I am looking to build my own, if not find one to add on to and I love lay out of yours! And the windows! Also, as a response ego Dianne. You can definitely make room for canning on a smaller scale in a tiny house! And if someone sews, that can also be made space for (I have seen it!). However, you are correct, a tiny house is not made for large groups of people. The designs are diverse and, depending on the size, a number of people can comfortably “hang out” in one space. One of the main purposes of a tiny house on wheels is so that people can transport it easily and travels with it so that they are not held in on lace for a long time. I myself intend to build a tiny house on wheels, and when I am ready to settle, to build a slightly larger structure on a piece of land. The great thing is that I can still have my tiny house to travel with, too!

  • christina says:

    I am looking for a place for during the week for just myself. I love your place!! Are you willing to sell it?

  • Emily says:

    I saw your post on, I absolutely love this house! I am just curious, have you considered adding solar panels to the roof for electricity?

    I am possibly interested in renting it form you, but I work (and need to live) in East Longmeadow, Mass. Would that be too far away? Email me if you think something could work out,


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