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Jason and his wife live in this tiny house in Pennsylvania.








Good morning. We have enjoyed looking at the homes on your site. We built this house last summer with the idea that we would spend 2 nights a week there.. but ended up using it nearly full time this past year.. We love the idea of tiny living!

So.. just a bit more background…we did not include a bathroom because there is a bath building on the farm…we do have a porti potti in the loft for late night use.. I also installed a sink since these photo were taken – it has a pump faucet hooked up to a 5 gal. water jug, and it drains into a bucket which we empty periodically…unlike most of the tiny house projects that are popular…ours is not on a trailer…the pitch of the roof is 12 over 9…rather steep.. but my wife can actually stand up in the loft 🙂 at 14 feet, the house is too tall for any thought of trailering over the road…overall costs were right around 10k including the stove and a 14k btu wall heater which is vented…probably a bit oversized as there is an abundance of heat!

An owner-built tiny house in Northeast, Pennsylvania. Built and shared by Jason Thatcher.


  • Danielle says:

    I think it’s really cute! Great job!

  • Lisa E. says:

    Lovely tiny house. Love the yellow and white colors; looks fresh and clean. Love the dentil work above the door and the gingerbread on the eaves. The steep pitch of the roof will keep the snow loads down and the overall will keep the housework down. For me, I’d probably take out the back wall and put in a bathroom that also has a washer/dryer combo in it. It’s wonderful that the whole place cost a reasonable amount to build because the cost of land these days is excessive. Great job!

    • jason says:

      thanks for sharing your thoughts.. a bathroom would certainly be essential if it weren’t for the fact that facilities were close by.. it does take a certain amount of flexibility to adjust to our situation.. and we find that sometimes we have more and sometimes less flexibility 🙂 Since we are on a family farm, we have access to a washer as well.. and we typically hang laundry out whenever possible.. I grew up going to Ocean Grove NJ for vacations, and the Victorian architecture that is abundant there made a lasing impression.. it really only takes a few details to make what would like like a shed into something much better.. jason

  • Mary J says:

    gorgeous little house, love the colours and the design. Just needs a bathroom and side verandah to enjoy and eat outside. Putting in a bathroom would mean an extended footprint but this house would look great whatever it’s size.

  • jason says:

    Thanks Mary,
    I have to give credit for the trim to Country Designs in Essex CT. about 20 years ago I bought plans for a playhouse for my daughter, but I never built it. This is essentially a modified version of that playhouse… finally got to use the plans! the footprint is 8 feet by 16 feet. jason

  • Rolandus says:

    Sorry, but it looks like a cake.

  • Rene says:

    Love this house. Read a few of your blog entries. Love your approach to life! Good on you.

  • Johanna says:

    Beautiful! I like the idea of your extreme roof pitch as I’m sure it has helped keep the snow from accumulating. i wish you many evenings of happiness staring up at the stars and fireflies 🙂

    • jason says:

      well, fire flies will be here in a bit.. for now.. lady bugs!!! apparently, they are attracted to light colors, and they have figure out a way inside.. many have been visitors through the winter.. but soon the windows will be open 🙂

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