Kirkwood Tiny Home


This tiny house was retrofitted from a travel trailer that houses as family of five in Asheville, North Carolina.









  • Y. K. Greene says:

    I love this tiny home! They’ve done some very creative things with the interior that make it feel more like a home and less like a trailer. Unfortunately the outside looks like a Frankenhouse, something you’d find propped up on blocks in some backwoods property, defended by a shotgun and a hundred ill trained dogs. Not exactly the first impression I’d like someone to have of my tiny home.

  • Gamma Deanne says:

    I LOVE how they made this trailer into their own personal TH! Very nicely done! Would like to see pics of the bathroom as this area generally tends to always be so small in trailers, so curious to see if they remodeled it as well.

  • Kevin sargent says:

    very interested in this… More info, cost, location!

  • KelliAnn says:

    What a fantastic idea! I love that you used something that already existed thereby not wasting it and added to it and made it better. It looks homey and comfortable. Absolutely wonderful!

  • Jani Andregg says:

    I’m very interested in the “Tiny Home”… But, I didn’t see the bathroom? maybe I didn’t look closely enough. I will really need to chat in real time with someone who has the “say-so” on this home.

  • scott h says:

    sooo many structural questions! don’t even have a starting point….thankyoumoreplease! brilliant! people are just so clever. it is more than just, opposable thumbs dontchaknow, ha!

    • Jalane Hancock says:

      looks great anything much smaller would be too tiny for me.. Cannot see even one tiny person living in less than 300 square feet.

  • Andy says:

    Knowing the built quality of most generic travel trailers, I would not touch this with a ten foot barge pole. Unless this is a skin-off, frame-up, rebuilt I would put money on this merrily rotting away within ten years.

  • Truman says:

    Very creative, thoughtful job! I don’t think it will rot away any time soon as long as all of
    the water encroachment areas have been properly sealed. Also, there’s plenty of ventilation
    below to keep moisture from building up.

    I might be somewhat apprehensive about putting that much weight on a standard travel
    trailer, but if structural failures occur they will become evident when the windows and doors
    on the sidewalls below begin to jamb up and refuse to open without force.

    So there’s a build-in gauge for structural overloading. Beautiful job.

  • SC says:

    I really dont like the look of trailer/campers for full time living, (unless its an airstream) but I respect all the work they have put into it.

  • Linda says:

    I love this….Would love, love, love for someone to “Donate’ one for me to put on my property so I could just “stop the world and get off” and go by myself for a little retreat away from “family issues” that give me anxiety attacks. I have 6 acres of land so a nice donation of this caliber would be great….Unfortunately your pictures did not show the bathroom> Why?

  • Rich says:

    I agree with earlier comments. This is a folly that should remain in the constructor’s yard.

    • Brackin says:

      To all previous comments: I am the builder of this Tiny House and I’d like to clarify a few misconceptions about it’s design. It is has been structurally reinforced in a number of key areas, including the addition of extra insulation in accessible areas. The roof has been completely resealed and covered – most camping trailers “die” due to water damage from above. My family has been living in this Tiny House comfortably in a number of different locations without any of the implied “camping trailer” issues. Although it is”only” a camper-conversion, I would put it up against any other Tiny House in terms of beauty and livability. Thanks, Brackin

      • Diana says:

        Love your camper conversion. I am in the process of remodeling mine. I love that you put in a regular front door, french doors, and windows. My nephew is doing the work. Did you run into any problems putting the doors and windows in? Thanks for any help you can offer. Diana

  • Sherry says:

    Wow…such negatives! I think this shows ingenuity and creativity. Trust me when i say it is the “do nothings” who criticize without seeing!

  • BB says:

    I disagree with the others. I think this looks like a cute and comfy home. I could see myself living there with my dog and cat.

  • Mallthus says:

    I appreciate the work that’s gone into this, but the idea that it’s something anyone should buy (and, I assume, move) is ludicrous.

    Even if this were a park model trailer (which it isn’t), I’d be fearful that the modifications have rendered it unsound.

  • Regina says:

    AMAZING!!! I getting ready to remodel my first trailer. Then I am going to build my tiny home. I am doing the work myself. If I can build a 2 car garage with as/heat/bathroom I can do this . Living in a tiny home is so relaxing. I can move anytime. Love in it.

  • Jan says:

    I loved interior. Im interested in small home i could put temp/perm. In santa barbara ca. I have grandchild there i’d like to visit often but expensive area to buy or rent makes it ridiculous for dwelling that will b empty more than occupied. Id like @300 sq ft, i think. Room for 2 small dogs and 1 adult. I need idea of cost for similar unit.

  • James Traver says:

    Love the interior & use of space up & out but why wasn’t the outside changed & are remodling plans available?

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