Jones’ Tiny House

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A 190 square feet tiny house on wheels in Norfolk, Connecticut. Learn more here.


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  1. absolutely beautifully done! the outside looks like that burnt wood technique. This is the best use of it i have seen so far with that white roof. painting 3 of the walls white and leaving the door and opposite wall in different woods is fantastic!
    but the price tag….Price: $70000

    ouch. i cant see it selling for that unless its some millionaire who want to set up a hermitage in his back yard.
    (in previous centuries the wealthy hired a “hermit” to live in the backwoods of their estates, just to be quaint.

  2. No way!! $70,000? You can buy a huge modular for that. The concept of tiny is IMO a cheaper way to live. $70,000 is NOT cheap. Just another huge mortgage.

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