Fort Worth Tiny House


A pretty unique tiny house by Maximus Extreme Living Solutions








  • Dorothy says:

    Love the outside. The inside not so much. I don’t care for the naked plywood walls, but I’m sure those can be changed to something more finished looking.

  • Shelia says:

    I especially love the bathroom sink. Kinda steam punk-ish.

  • Doug says:

    Very cheap finishes inside. I bet some poor sole paid out the rear for it too.

  • Kathy says:

    Kinda harsh there Doug. I too would prefer more upgraded finishes, but I will put $ that this is exactly what the client wanted. A little steam punky, a little cabin-y, very cute, and most importantly, very liveable. I love the kitchen, with an island that serves for prep as well as a desk and eating space. Bet it’s extendable too. The living space in some tinies gets squished sometimes, but this is quite comfortable looking. Great use of space with the placement of the stairs, and the storage underneath. Nice job!!

  • Adam says:

    anyone knows the brand of the cooktop/stove? cheers Adam

  • Cindy Adams says:

    I would love to see some more tiny homes for sale please

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