Foresters Cabin


A small oak cabin with folding sides for stealth when not in use.








A 288 square feet pegged oak frame cabin with folding sides. Designed by Carpenter Oak.


  • Andrea Hardy says:

    how cute is that cabin!! well done

  • this is one of the best I have seen kitchen could stand improvement and all the rest is perfect.

  • toni says:

    Clever. All that I need, really, and security when I am away. I am impressed.

  • judy says:

    I have to say it….I believe this is one of my all time favorite tiny houses….possibly my fave….well done!

  • fred says:

    Good idea,
    maybe put cable upper, unless pefect.

  • Pam says:


    I absolutely love this Tiny House!! The bed would have to be bigger for my hubby and I, but, otherwise it’s beautifully perfect!!

  • alice h says:

    Interesting and practical but I would definitely have run the cabling through some kind of channel to hide it inside. It looks sort of Swiss Family Robinson/nautical but kind of messy too.

  • What are all of the pulley ropes inside for? What are the toilet facilities? Cost?
    Thankyou in advance for your reply? Bjp

  • Kelly says:

    Love, love, love the layout! I am not a cook so spending the space on living space is perfect IMO. What are the dimensions, how air tight is this unit. I want more info, please.

  • Maia L. says:

    I think this is one of my absolute favourites, too! So nice and open – and I like the bed on the main level! I would have loved to see a photo of the cabin with the side walls completely pulled up.

  • Lucy & Brian says:

    A perfect woodland retreat, we love it. Those windows must bring in a lot of warmth.

  • Kestrel says:

    I’m currently in a 3400sq ft home with 4 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms even tough we only have 2 teen boys and yet it still feels small. I think, for me at least,the tiny house holds so much appeal not in the “smallness” of the footprint but in the feeling that we are part of a larger unit. Maybe we have 4 other friends and we each have tiny homes in a place together. I could live with a smaller home if it wasn’t my “everything”. If I didn’t have to feed 25 for thanksgiving but shared the task with others. If I didn’t need 2 guest suites because those people would be living nearby already. If I didn’t have to keep everything from bikinis to evening gowns to costumes because we’d all be living those events together. We could share outer lives in ways that made us less dependent on being a host and home to whatever might possibly happen – am I making sense here? 🙂
    To me, the essence of this house is that it is one house next to others like it and we are all among family and friends. Our LIVES become smaller not just the box where our lives are lived.
    Just the thought of an evening spent with friends, talking, playing games, having a hot cocoa or a mixed drink, that ends when we each go back to our cottage, with plans to to things in the morning, like being on vacation perennially as a kid at summer camp is heart-warming. I don’t know anyone else that would ever do this but it’s a sweet thought. I hope someone is enjoying that lifestyle now. Have a s’more for me!

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