Feather Down Tent


A tend in the British countryside used to accommodate guests.







  • Jet Tilton says:

    Any idea how they weatherproof the tent for use year-round? Seems like it would work on a private farm, but anywhere else it seems to accessible….

    Great idea though..

  • Jay Pierson says:

    Now this is what I call camping. Always wanted a large tent like this to put up in the back country. Couldn’t leave in winter as the snow would cave in roof. Always liked the warmth of a tent from a wood stove.

  • Penny Jones says:

    The inside looks lovely and cosy but I would have thought it was a huge fire risk from both the wood-burner and the lamps…

    • steven says:

      Having a fire inside a cloth home is nothing new, The Native Americans did it for a good long while but instead they had an open fire.

    • A. Forest says:

      It’s actually still quite common. My husband is a geologist and when he has to live in camp, he lives in a canvas tent with a wood floor and a diesel burning stove for warmth.

    • Many canvas products are made of fire retardant material, but I would also encourage you to look into the Plains Indian Culture, and the Tipi, or Tepee as it is sometimes spelled.
      An excellent overview available at most libraries is T.E. Mails book, “Mystic Warriors of the Plains”

    • Andy says:

      Not any more than it is in a brick and mortar house. Fabric can easily be treated to be fire retardant. The flue leaves the tent in a special heat dissipating arrangement, where two tubes are kept apart from each other by an air space.

      There really is very little risk with an arrangement like this.

  • Robin says:

    Whenever I see a Tiny House Swoon, I like to follow the LINK provided, to find out as much as I can about the Swoon.

    Interesting targeting for this rental: they advertise it for AUTUMN gatherings. Not quite sure if it’s ONLY Autumn or if it’s because it’s almost Autumn? Perhaps the weather is less forgiving at other times of the year?

    There’s a voyeuristic video of all the things your family and you can do at this place; reminded me a bit too much of “The Bachelor” or “Big Brother”, especially when everyone was in the hot tub. LOL

    I love how they are marketing these rentals but I can’t recommend enough to “change the MUSIC!!!” of that video! It is so incongruous to the “Back To Nature” feeling that they are trying to promote. Other than the music, this looks like a place that a lot of people would enjoy. 😀 My family was lucky when the kids were young; we had my grandparent’s dairy farm to stay at so there was no need to stay with strangers. <3

  • Andrew says:

    Reminds me of camping in Kenya at Finch Hattons. It had a stone shower with a huge chandelier over the bedroom. It was raised on a platform so that the hippos would go under the tent instead of through it.

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