Eco Pallet House

Small house made of pallet wood.

Eco house made of Euro Pallets and other recycled materials in Trondheim, Norway. Build by Vigdis Haugtro and Johannes Franciscus de Gier. Photos by Amy Youngs.


  • Hi– isn’t there a problem with pallet wood being treated with a chemical that can have health affects upon exposure?

    • Joe Rowe says:

      Pallets are marked. There should be the IPPC Code. If there is not an IPPC code I would be very leary of using the pallet. There is also a country code followed by a number. Country code is country of origin and the number is who manufactured the pallet and where. Then you get into the important marks HT means heat treated means safe to use. DB means debarked with also means safe to use and these are usually very high quality pallets. MB means methyl bromide – chemically treated and not a good idea to use.

  • Rich says:

    I think that the norse peoples have an inherited cultural ability to create habitat that is human scale and inventive even when (or maybe because of) the limits of daylight and the cold. I’d be interested in the plan of this studio/house but it’s obvious that within the envelope of a “typical” gambrel roofed structure the space has been maximized by the fitting in of the stair. We in the states are preoccupied with curb appeal. Tx for including this in your collection. Rich

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