Darryl’s Tiny House

A tiny house with a sequence of photos throughout the building process.

I thought I might share my tiny house progress pics with anyone who is interested. I started out with an old boat trailer and modified it to suit a tiny house. Here is the sequence of progress in pictures. I have a small lot in N Cal. overlooking Clear Lake and hope to eventually move it up there to spend the summers in it. Hope you enjoy.

More info. here.


  • tj says:


    Why did you choose metal frame v, wood frame besides weight? Is there any temperature reason for one over another frame choice?

  • Tim Henderson says:

    Kewl, you have inspired me to make one. 🙂 I live up here in Canada where I am homeless. I need to make one which can withstand -50 degrees Celcius. Also, which is better for cold cold climates wood or a metal frame. I am assuming you chose metal for structural rigidity. I need to add insulation and a wood stove also. Thanks much appreciated. 🙂

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