Construction Office Conversion


This tiny house’s former life was an office area on construction sites and has since been given a complete redo as a tiny house in Alabama.








An 8×32 tiny house that recently served as an office building for construction site in Opelika, Alabama. More info. here.


  • Barb Duder says:

    Very nice! I really love the cabinetry that you put in the bedroom. CLOSET SPACE!! It just seems to make it more realistic as a home. I know that some people won’t be fond of the open concept bathroom – but I’m fine with it – after all…how much time does one really spend in the bathroom?!

  • Jeremy says:

    I am really drawn to these shipping container homes. Mainly because they seem so practical and doable. Really not much different to the homes back in the day that were called “shotgun houses.” Just seems like these could be utilized as temporary housing in emergencies or for homeless persons, college kids, all kinds of people.

  • Julie says:

    Where’s the loo? Is it behind the curtain? I’d have to have a door on it – “remember all smells are particulate!”. Not only that but no door means you’ve turned your entire living area into a toilet. Maybe I’m biased as I live with a 6ft2 vegetarian…. but apart from that I think it’s lovely, especially the kitchen area and a “proper” bed area. I always worry about people hitting their heads or falling over the side in some of these conversions – I know I would! The little garden area is very pretty too.

  • texasdoxiemama says:

    Love the kitchen. Once upon a time settlers took baths in the kitchen so who cares where the tub is. I don’t know why people get so rattled over where the tub or toilet are. If it works for you, Fabulous!

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