Cedar Shingled Tiny House

A cedar-clad tiny house with reclaimed materials throughout.

A 192 square feet tiny house on wheels in Santa Fe, New Mexico. More info. here.


    • steven says:

      Hi Jennifer. You can click on the link below the photos to be taken to the listing.

      • hello my name is jean and I would love to know if I could get one of these homes I love the log cabin look the shingle house how can I get this group to Jacksonville Florida. I was made homeless by a drunk driver it’s crazy how this government will not give you your own money you paid in all of your working life so will you please get in touch with me

      • Beth Carey says:

        I love this! Do you still have it?

    • Crystal says:

      I like a lot about this..but….that kitchen sink would frustrate me to no end! When I stayed in our camper for over a week I found that cooking and cleaning pots and dishes in a shallow sink was torture! The goose neck faucet will help though. My favorite part of this??? the floors- they had me drooling! good job. C

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