Baxa Tiny House


A tiny house on wheels with some unique storage features in Texas.










  • Shell says:

    Wonderful and cute tiny house. I so love the ideas of the pantries in the ceiling and the extra drawers in them. Also love the extra drawers under the cabinets. Very clever indeed. : )

  • Karen says:

    I like your design and your use of pallet wood. The pantry is just what I would do in my Tiny House. I always thought it was wasted space to leave that open. It may look nice but I will be living there not using it a show off house. Even though I would show it off to everyone that wanted to see it.
    I don’t remember if you mentioned the length I am sure you did but could you please tell me how long this is, front wall to back wall and hitch to bumper?
    When deciding to use the tub that you used in the shower were you thinking about maybe using a taller tub for soaking or bathing?
    I noticed the exterior drain pipes were loose does that mean they come off for transport if so where are they stored during transport?

    Thank you for showing this.

  • -billS says:

    That pull down pantry is genius! Nice looking rig.

  • Hi. I noticed in the 3rd photograph down in the Tiny House Swoon coverage of your home, there is a pulley system which lowers a “wall” of some type. Are they spices or kitchen utensils or what? Secondly, since you don’t waste space, what else is up there. Thanks, a curious Gary

  • sc says:

    All around solid job!
    For me its a matter of personal taste. I need more windows. the bench area should have 2 small windows on each side for the bay window effect. The great room should have 2 windows on each side.The eating table (shown in the video) is way too close to the kitchen area. and it should be under a window so people can have a view as they are eating or talking or whatever. No dormers in the loft gives me a claustrophobic feeling.
    I dont really like the layout of the kitchen and bathroom squeezed side by side anymore. I much prefer the layout where the bathroom is at the back and the kitchen is on both sides as shown in many of the latest tiny houses. I would want a bigger sink.
    The undercounter storage is good, love the kicktoe drawers, although i wouldnt use rope for the handles. but needs more upper shelves or cabinets or racks. They could have made room for a stove/oven by moving the eating table into the great room.
    the kitchen ceiling pantry is very clever, but i would open it on the bathroom side so more kitchen shelving or cabinets could be installed.
    I also wonder if you would need a certain amount of strength to lift those ceiling cabinets back into position after you have filled those cabinets, i would imagine they would be quite heavy, and a short person would need a stool. lifting heavy things over your head might be tricky for some folks. but still, I like it. it could also be used for hiding stuff. Laminates? No. Hardwood flooring? yes! I have never seen a wheel used in the shower that way, love it.
    Great styling for the exterior. Love the use of the wine color for accent thru out the house.

  • Overall really like the house. I agree with some comments made by others…loft feels claustrophobic and could use dormers. Table is nice but too close to kitchen. I would want shelves on wall over sink. Love the shower design. Like the kick-toe drawers. I am also concerned that drop down ceiling storage might get heavy and hard to lift.

  • Randi says:

    Beautiful home. You did a wonderful job.

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