Ashland Cabin


A tiny cabin with lots of outdoor living space in small cutout parcel amongst a lush forest.








  • Brian says:

    Very nice….but….Bathroom?

  • Ian says:

    How would you reach those pots & pans?

  • Dorothy says:

    The listing shows it having one bedroom and one bathroom, but they aren’t shown. It’s a beautiful place that is just a few miles from Mt. Rainier which is a high priority volcano that can become active at any time. A lovely place but being caught in a volcano is not on my bucket list.

  • BZ says:

    It looks nice. I’m guessing that sofa is a fold out bed. I don’t see any indication of bathroom facilities at all???

  • Kate says:

    Dorothy, Ashland is at the bottom of Oregon, Mt. Rainer is in Washington State, a distance of at least seven hours drive on the highways.

  • gmh says:

    If this is in Ashland, Oregon, it is 8 hours from Mount Rainier. Some other Cascade Range volcano might be a threat, but not Rainier.

    • gmh says:

      Ah, ha- not Ashland, OR. Ashford, WA. Someone needs to edit the post. Still, not worried about Rainier. Mt. Hood will probably go first.

  • M. Plisco says:

    Beautiful cabin, lovely area, looks very well built, but why build all those decks and no bathroom or at least 1 bedroom ? I just don’t understand if your going to build a vacation cabin or a round the year permanent home I would want a place to pee and a place to lay my head at night or are you saying well you could always pee off the porch, sorry, deck? Pitch a tent and roll out the sleeping bag? Who wants to do all that? I want to have a place where you drive up get out the car, open the cabin door and just have every thing already there except a few clothes and groceries, everything else I need ready and waiting.

  • Anna says:

    Is there really no bathroom? That would be a shame since it’s otherwise a comfortable looking space. Is there an actual bedroom as well? Several important details missing in this posting! Beautiful setting.

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