I have been building this tower for 3 years. It is 144 square feet, 11×13 footprint. It has two floors and towers a grand 23 feet in height.
Being in the city, my footprint was restricted to 144 sq ft, however, in the city books, I was permitted to go up as high as an 18 foot mid-eave and my total height being 23 feet. So I did. I intend to live in this tiny tower dwelling and hope to finish it by 2014! I have just finished the electrical, insulation, and interior wood paneling (photos here are older). I also intend for this space to serve as a little speakeasy performance space. I am an artist and have already held backyard shows in the tower amongst my shotgun backyard. The ground level doors will eventually have a stage, and the out swing doors (now installed but not in these photos) will provide way to ‘backstage’ behind the red curtains.

Backyard tiny house in Portland, Maine. Build by Kelly Nesbitt.