Tiny House Ontario

Looking at it, you would never consider this a roomy space but even so when people come to visit they are surprised because the space moves outward when you come inside. It grows larger when you sit down and look around. The huge windows in the place make it feel like you are part of the world around you. It is ironic really how coming inside of something so small can make you feel like you have entered into something really huge.

Tiny house in Ontario, Canada. Photos by Laura Moreland.


  • deborah says:

    True! And if the outside were fixed up as nicely as the inside is, it would be quite the “looker”. 🙂

  • Rodney Look says:


    Curious about if you built this cool little cabin yourself and if you had any difficulties with building permissions or building codes? I live in Ontario too and would love to have a small plot of land and do the same. I have heard of people taking their chances building without permits and hoping no one finds the location of the cabin. Please advise if you have found any loopholes or could give some advice for others contemplating building on the small scale you have there. Thank-You

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