The Loose Caboose

This is a 144 sq foot caboose I just finished. It has everything needed to live in, shower, composting toilet, range and oven, queen bed and a couch that pulls out into a twin, wood stove, heat pump, on demand propane hot water. Solar can easily be added.

Built and shared by Andrew Campbell.


  • smitty says:

    All aboard!

    Great tiny home!

  • James Bauer says:

    Pretty crummy! Before anyone gets mad at me you should know that crummy is an old railroad slang term for caboose! At least that’s what my grandfather told me many years ago.

  • Karen Luerssen says:

    I love this!! What did it cost to build?

  • Cheryl Grice says:

    This build is absolutely PERFECT. I’m totally impressed.

  • Evening Iris says:

    I really like this. I love the layout plan, and the build itself looks like high quality. This also looks like more footage could be added easily for anyone that needed it. I’m not sure about the red exterior, but that could easily be changed for anyone who would rather other colors. All in all, a great build and congratulations are in order!!! 😀

  • ebru says:

    superbe comme un petit cadeau 🙂

  • Bob says:

    This caboose house looks not only well designed and built, it is fun and inspiring. A very livable space. Wonderful bedroom space, feels like it is adding to the livable space not taking away. Adding the porch deck only makes it more so (livable).
    Congrats to the builder/owner.

  • Anna says:


  • This is a cute little house, the bedroom looks big, and everything was clean, bright and neat. I have a question does this tiny house use an air conditioner? Thanks for sharing.

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