The Bear


The Bear 20′ container home was built and designed to be fully self-contained. This means that living on or off-grid isn’t a problem.







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Appropriately named “The Bear”, Modern Container Concepts built a tiny house from the “box” up… out of a standard 20′ shipping container. The tiny house itself has been designed to run on grid, or off grid and is essentially a turnkey, furnished, tiny house. It would be great for those in immediate need of a home; or as a second home, guest house, detached office, man cave, or j ust about anything else you can think of.

A used 20′ shipping container converted into a fully self-contained tiny house. Built by Modern Container Concepts in Arizona.


  • Windsor says:

    I love that IKEA leaf table with the center drawers. I have one as a sewing table, but it’s just perfect for tiny houses.

  • Kristina H Nadreau says:

    The splashes of orange color were not enough to save the container home. ghastly. plus no insulation????? a tent for the back yard maybe, but never a home even tho it appears to have a flush toilet.

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