Hi There,

We’d like to submit our tiny house!

We’ve been living in our beautiful vintage Bedford TK Horsetruck for about 18 months now and have just had some great photos taken. We’re based on a farm near chester and love the tiny life 😀

A 1980 Bedford Horse Truck retrofitted into a house truck near Chester, UK. Built and shared by Tom, Sally and Faery Wolfe. More info. here and here.


  • Kathy says:

    I’m sure it’s a nice house truck , but it’s hard to tell with all these fisheye pictures . I wish people would stop using the fisheye lens — it isn’t a help . There’s no way to get an idea of how much space there really is, and it’s a real disservice to the amount of hard work and care put into your dwelling! Perhaps The Swoon would consider if you were to resubmit more accurate snaps?

  • Val says:

    Love your house truck and you are a cute, happy family.

  • Carol says:

    This house (and the pics) are amazing! There’s a lot of work there. Happy travels!

  • James P. says:

    Awesome and functional all in one. I really like the layout.

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