Small House + Waterfall

Small home with a waterfall in Isafjordur, Iceland. Photo by Trey Ratcliff.


  • Beautiful. Absolutely beautiful.

  • Laura says:

    So pretty! I wanna know what the REALLY teeny house is to the left in the pic! Who lives in there?! 🙂

    • Lisa says:

      From the photographer’s website:
      The real elf-stat?

      I’ve heard all different percentages of how many Icelanders believe in elves. It’s always high. But I wonder what the most correct percentage is? Has there ever really been a scientific study and wide-spread poll? I’d love to know the exact stats… you guys are all so smart – it seems like the perfect task for you to figure out so we can know the answer once and for all!
      Daily Photo – Little Elves, Little Waterfall

      Going into one of the valleys by Isafjordur takes you to many little homes near waterfalls. I thought this one was quite lovely.

      And if you look to the left there, you’ll see the tiny homes they also built for the elves.

      I was editing this photo at dinner one evening in Isafjordur. One of the waitresses saw this house, recognized it, and said, “Oh that’s jklasdj(jkasdj^dhsaj”. Of course, I am doing my best to approximate the Icelandic language there…

  • Can you just imagine? Love love love it!

  • complete, blissful perfection & i bet it’s PAID FOR too! 🙂

  • James says:

    Really, that’s it…?
    Why post photos of someone’s house with. No interior shots or info…?
    Waste of time.

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