-100% d.i.y. build by my wife and I with some helping hands here and there

-204 square feet, 24’ long tiny house on wheels

-$30,000.00 material cost.

-24 square foot externally accessible gear room for all of our outdoor gear effectively reducing the living space to 180 sf.

-Constructed with 2×3 advanced framing + 1” of Continuous exterior rigid insulation resulting in a wall that is the same thickness of traditional 2×4 framing yet it is lighter with much better thermal performance.

-The siding is 100% reclaimed from a local barn roof and has been installed as an integrated rain screen system.

Lastly, while our tiny house is unique in its own right, we are learning that people are drawn to our lifestyle as much or more than the physical tiny house. That is to say they find great appreciation for and inspiration by the simplicity and intentional way we live our lives, prioritizing our time to live life doing what we love (getting outside and into the mountains!) and how that is certainly enabled and encouraged by our tiny house. At least this is what we are picking up through the e-mails and comments on our Instagrams (@shed_tinyhouse, @expedition_pnw) and our SHEDsistence facebook page. We say this because now that our tiny house build is finished we think that our content will shift to sharing the simple, intentional, more meaningful and adventurous life we are able to live because of our tiny house.

Robert and Samantha’s self-built 204 square feet tiny house on wheels in Washington. More info. here.

Original shared at Tiny House Swoon.


  • Shawn says:

    Love this layout. I think this just went to the top of my shortlist. Well done.

  • Sarahjane Dooley says:

    This is great set up. The stair to the loft could be covered in pillows for additional seating if you wanted that much company to hang around.

  • What a lovely finished project! Bravo

  • Beth Grant DeRoos says:

    LOVE the clean crisp design. Two safety suggestions. Install a metal or tile backsplash on the two sides of the stove, not only to prevent grease fires but easier to clean than bare painted walls. And a simple modern handrail on the wall of the stairs. Getting up in the middle of the night to go use the bathroom, can mean grogginess which could result in a horrid fall coming down the stairs sans a handrail.

  • phil says:

    This is one of my favorite tiny houses ever. Awesome clean/streamlined layout and tons of storage. The additional storage room is a great idea for stuff you really don’t want to drag into the house. And those outside once piece stairs? Sexy.

  • Leah says:

    Great job! I could live in this one for sure!

  • Beenor says:

    The angle to the front door is awesome. Front stairs are awesome. I love the clean lines – awesome. Storage is awesome. A symbol of a well prioritized life… way to go!

  • Doug says:

    Very nice. It seems like the rear would be heavier than the front which would cause problems towing.

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