One Day Prefab Tiny House







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I build the new experimental tiny house this summer and I want to let you know about it! I hope you and The Tiny House Swoon audience will be interested.

A 3-space tiny house built using 21 prefab insulated panels and built in one day costing about $1,200. Built by Pin-up Houses in Prague, Czech Republic.


  • Julie says:

    WOW!!!! WOW!!!! WOW!!!! It’s almost like Leggo meets Magna Blocks for adults. TOO COOL!

  • Elle says:

    Bathroom? Guys never think of adding a toilet until they find out their girlfriends won’t come over.

  • vicki churchill says:

    No bathroom. Don’t mind cooking outside. No place for Fridge. I would need another cube for bathroom and another cube for kitchen.

  • Sarahjane Dooley says:

    Bravo! Adorable, fun little home. Just might be something I would like in the near future!

  • Jeff says:

    More explanation is needed for this concept. The fit and finish is not all that appealing. Is this for impoverished nations where emergency housing is needed? Is it meant to be a simple hideaway you place on property you already own? It looks cramped with too much furniture and that odd crawl through tunnel to the bed. Colors are not relaxing for me but maybe to the owner? Odd.

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