Ocean Inspired Remodeled 5th Wheel


Giving a boring camper a tiny house makeover can go a long way in the look, feel and aesthetics department.






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A 5th wheel toy hauler camper with a completely re-design interior and higher quality materials typically used in a factory camper.


  • texasdoxiemama says:

    I currently live in a 24″ foot camper but dream of a regular tiny house. I’ve always disliked toy haulers because they don’t seem very cozy. After viewing your post, I see that I was wrong because they can be made into so much more. Thanks for ideas and for sharing!

  • Sheila says:

    How did you support your ramp? I have a toy hauler that I use as my sewing room. I would like to sit out on the ramp but don’t know what to do to support it. Cables and some kind of adjustable legs? You did a great job with it all!

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