Kingfisher Hut







A small sleeping hut with separate field kitchen on Watts family’s organic farm in Oxfordshire, England. More info. Kingfisher Hut.


  • Lisa E. says:

    This is a nice beginning, but for me, I need a kitchen and a full bathroom onboard. It would be just my luck, if I decided to take an out-of-doors approach to Nature’s call, to have a group of children appear with a couple of teachers on their annual field trip into the wild, or a pair of wiley sportsmen out on the hunt for a good place to fish. Unless one lives on a thousand acres of land that they own and can control the traffic all around them, or if one is on a retreat on an uninhabited island, etc. the practice of using the great outdoors is dicey at best. We have seven (7) billion people living on this tiny mud ball at the moment, and Murphy’s Law dictates that if it can happen, no matter how unlikely, it will. Therefore, I have raised the bar and say, any abode that I inhabit must have full services otherwise, huts and scenes like this one are just fond memories of a by-gone era to be enjoyed, and memorialized in watercolors, while passing through.

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