Crete Tiny House












The eco cabin retreat has a minimal aesthetic and is off grid; it is powered by solar panels and is heatedon cool evenings and during the increasingly snowy, winter months by a small wood burning stove. The kitchen unit houses a 12v fridge and lighting is 12v LED. A Water pipe comes to the cabin from the nearby village supply. Clad in white composite cladding with an etched surface pattern, the little house on wheels comprises two separate buildings: the main living accommodation is linked to the shower room and composting toilet by a timber walkway.

A tiny house on wheels with separate compost toilet and open floorplan on Crete, Greece. Designed and built by Echo Living.


  • Jane says:

    My favorite part of this home is that awesome tree out back!! I am so glad that they did not cut it down as so many people do to build a house.

  • Liz says:

    I like the light. Having a hard time really understanding the layout. Wouldn’t that place be really cold in the winter? Or at night? Where do you sleep? The kitchen looks a bit…well, I’ve no doubt you could do some cooking with it. Interesting concept.

  • Nerida says:

    I’d be really interested in knowing what the composite cladding actually is.

  • Jim says:

    Really quaint… have your own outhouse!…..Don’t think this design would be very practical in cold weather! Can’t see where you would put a frig, pictures are a bit confusing….can’t see where you would put a bed either.

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