Christiane & Catalin’s Tiny House


Thanks to Christiane and Caitalin for sharing their recently-completed tiny house on wheels in Germany.

christiane-catalins-tiny house-15

christiane-catalins-tiny house-16

christiane-catalins-tiny house-17

christiane-catalins-tiny house-18

christiane-catalins-tiny house-19

christiane-catalins-tiny house-20

Dear Tiny House Swoon Crew, my girlfriend and I started building a tiny house for us in april this year. I think its worth a look as I know there are not a lot of Tiny Houses in Germany yet. We are living tiny already and we were searching for something what is even more mobile and easy to transport. We started reading about tiny houses and wanted to build our own. It’s all ecologically built and oiled, isolated with hemp and it’s got floor heating.

An owner-built tiny house on wheels in Germany. Owned and shared by Christiane and Caitalin.


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