Cape Cod Tiny house


  • Steve Jones says:

    So much Ikea standard furniture, I dont think they’ll last long?

  • tthom2 says:

    Nice – but – I don’t entirely get the layout. Where is this massive hidden storage room located? And – how big is that bathroom. Looks bigger than mine. Some clever (aka: tricky) photography??

  • Dominick Bundy says:

    Love all that closet and storage space Perfect!

  • Barbara says:

    A builder that FINALLY gets the need for storage and closet space! I think that this is awesome!!

    It looks like you split the loft above the master in half – and slipped a door in for hidden storage…and I think that is BRILLIANT! I love the cobalt blue cabinets to add some color.

  • Janet Villeneuve formerly Eldredge says:

    I am a Cape Cod Native thinking of some way to come back summers. I wonder where some one could put that. Would the trailer park in South Yarmouth take a tiny home ?

  • Leslie Wilhelm says:

    Looks very nice, what is the price for this one?

  • George king says:

    And where on cape can these tiny houses be placed

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