Bumfuzzle Travco

A family of four exploring in a 47 year old Dodge Travco motorhome.

On November 19th—three days after deciding we were done cruising for now—in true Bumfuzzle fashion, we bought an R.V. off of Craigslist, sight-unseen. Because really, what could possibly go wrong with that? I mean, it’s only forty-seven years old, and the owners assured us it’s real nice. And they’re from Iowa, so they wouldn’t lie to us. Right?

A restored 1966 Dodge Travel motorhome that houses a family of four and currently traveling around The United States. More info. here.


  • Nerida says:

    looks great. only thing I would be concerned about, there appears to be only on seat belt and that is for the driver, because apparently the driver is the only person likely to be thrown forward in an accident, pity about those tiny little kids.

    But other than that, nice job.

  • Kayla says:

    Heyyyy, Bumfuzzle! I remember you guys in your tiny but gorgeous VW van.

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